About Orogen Royalties

Orogen is a royalty and mineral exploration company engaged in the business of royalty creation and acquisition. Our vision is to maximize investment returns while managing risks to create value in a sustainable manner.

Orogen’s foundation is built on prospect generation. The Company leverages its geological and financial expertise to identify and advance high‐quality exploration projects. The Company monetizes these projects to generate royalties and recuperate its investment through transactions with industry or joint venture partners. This approach allows the Company to generate discovery opportunities while minimizing project risks and maximizing financial sustainability with the ultimate goal of royalty creation for the Company.

Orogen also augments its royalty portfolio with selective royalty acquisitions. Our industry knowledge and relationships help identify and evaluate quality mineral projects that have a high probability of becoming cash‐flowing royalties.

Orogen deploys capital in a disciplined manner with a focus on strong risk‐adjusted returns.‍


Orogen holds royalty interests in a number of projects in North America including the following flagship projects:

Additional information on all royalties can be found here.

Orogen has also generated a portfolio of gold and copper assets in three key geological terranes including:

  • British Columbia

  • Western United States including Nevada

  • Northwestern Mexico

Our projects are optioned or sold for cash and/or equity consideration, and royalties.

Orogen’s current portfolio of optioned and available projects can be found here.