March 22, 2020

Evrim updates on COVID-19 outbreak

In the midst of the uncertainty of the past weeks, I wanted to reach out on behalf of everyone at Evrim with the hope that you and your loved ones are safe and healthy.

Business as usual

We made a decision early on that for the safety of our community and our employees, both our Vancouver and Hermosillo offices have transitioned to working remotely since last week. You may reach us by phone or email as usual.

Certainty in times of uncertainty

What is happening now is devastating on a public health level, and around the world we are seeing the negative economic impacts already. In the midst of this, Evrim is fortunate to have approximately $9.0M in cash and no debt.
Furthermore, we are able to smartly manage our exploration programs as developments of the outbreak evolve. We have time and room to be flexible in our plans.

In the meantime

We hope you have been enjoying our weekly newsletter and blog posts. Our goal is to educate a larger audience on why it is critical to continue exploring for metals by sharing interesting facts about their uses in technology and everyday life.
In case you missed the last ones, you can learn about the medical properties of gold, silver and zinc here:


And if you are curious about copper here is a good article to read:

All the best,

Paddy Nicol
- President & CEO of Evrim Resources

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